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Spawn Guidelines: The Specifics
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Joined: 15th Jun 2016
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11th Jul 2016

This is my third topic on this but as I believe it is important and because I had not made a post on the specifics, I have decided to list my interpretation of what rules and concepts should apply to the spawn area that are not already covered by rule 1(which you all know of course is "don't be a d*ck" ).

Spawn Rules:

- The Spawn belongs to all players, it is an area designated for community projects and events.

- It extends 50 blocks in all directions from the central spawn point.

- No player can claim any part of the spawn for themselves.

- As no spawn land can be claimed, none of the land can be rented, sold, traded, etc...
    - This includes land that is occupied by a structure(however complex) built by the previously mentioned player.

- Structures built there should not include personal bases. In other words, the spawn is not where you should be building your bedrooom.
     - If you do build a base at spawn, do not be surprised when it is run through by a community railway system or the like.

- Even if you build something for the community, it may not stand at spawn forever, it may be removed to make room for something else and it may be redecorated to fit a current spawn theme during certain festivities(christmas, halloween, day of the dead, etc...)
     - Unless a build is horrendously ugly or is blatantly breaking rule 1(blocking access out of spawn for instance) please make a forum post to discuss its removal/redecoration.

- In general, be creative and generous and by all means do fun things at spawn but unless you're completely sure it's fine(and even if you are) talk about it with the community(making a forum post is free...).

These are just the rules I feel are the most nessesary at the moment, more may come in a future edit.

As always please leave what you think of these preliminary spawn guidelines below, I appreciate all suggestion/criticism you deliver.
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Last Edit: 18th Jul 2016 by Steinal
Joined: 27th Jun 2016
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12th Jul 2016

I agree with these rules
Forum » The Info Center » Server Suggestions
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