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RE: Basic Spawn Regulations
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Joined: 15th Jun 2016
Rank: Administrator
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11th Jul 2016

I believe we have a major issue we must discuss.

Much like what @Slayyer2804 briefly did at a certain point, @DarkZek (now known as DarkZek) has started a bank in the spawn. He sells people "vault space" in exchange for diamonds.
I have argued previously in this earlier topic  that the spawn should be respected as entirely public property that everyone owns and noone can monetize. This has been accepted as true and fair by multiple players and even @Slayyer2804 himself who stopped his activities and apologized(rather humbly I might add).

Further then simply objecting to these behaviours on a case by case basis I now believe we should establish this principle as binding and make publically known. Perhaps a sign at spawn, a note on the forum home page, a sticky note, etc...

As usual please drop down below your thoughts and of course any objections you may have with my perception.
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Last Edit: 11th Jul 2016 by Steinal
Joined: 26th Jun 2016
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11th Jul 2016

I will not change unless I have to but I have asked TheNabwoodKid ( ... ns5jc5.jpg) and AManHasNoName ( ... ns5jc5.jpg) if it is ok and they both said it is. The Bank will continue to charge until a mod tells me It's not ok
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