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MobGriefing true/false?
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Should mobGriefing be turned off/on?

Yes! True Vanilla Experience!
No! I don't want endermans, creepers editing my house :(

Joined: 15th Jun 2016
Rank: Administrator
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25th Jun 2016

I've been thinking of the minecraft gamerule: mobGriefing whether it should be kept off or on. Firstly, if we want the true vanilla experience, mobGriefing should be turned on (this means endermen can steal blocks, creeper exploding terrains, villagers picking up/planting seeds)

HOWEVER: If mobGriefing is turned on, "griefers" can use creepers to grief your house!

Currently, the server has disabled mobGriefing(this means that endermen cannot steal blocks, creeper does not explode terrains, villagers cannot pickup/plant seeds), you may cast your vote:

Last Edit: 25th Jun 2016 by SephClown
Joined: 25th Jun 2016
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27th Jun 2016

Feeling a bit ambivalent on this.
On one hand, non-griefing creepers removes some of the suspension when spotting one that's way too close to be comfortable. And they also harshly punish players that show even the slightest sign of recklessness, to hilarious effect.

But while playing online, creepers is your worst enemy.
Server side lag? You're dead!
Sudden latency spike because someone sharing your internet connection decided to stream video in 4k, when their monitor only supports full-hd? Your sweet new redstone contraption is a thing of the past, AND you're getting the electric chair.

Creepers while playing online feels way too unreliable, and to be perfectly honest, it's probably for the better that mobgriefing is turned off.

Regarding endermen, I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other.

Last Edit: 27th Jun 2016 by Sven_Polly
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